The next entry of this rather reflective, introspective view of each week. It’s a little random, but it’s pretty deep. It’s hard to write, but I like the outcome! So I hope you enjoy it! :)



Everything was shifting between them. Everything was changing. They were taking this week, this dance, their relationship, their feelings, day by day. Minute by minute.

But they were both struggling. Struggling to contain the truth, the passion, the desire. 

Every moment they spent together became more overwhelming for him. This dance they were creating together was emotional and vulnerable. He was demanding a lot of her this week and she was surpassing every one of his expectations. Creatively. Technically. And otherwise. 

But this dance. It had begun as a tribute to those who supported her throughout her own life and journey. She was dedicating it to them. Maks was not a part of that. He had nothing to do with her past. He had no connection to her whatsoever before he met her a month ago. And yet there was something about this dance. Something about the direction it was taking. Something about the story she was telling. At the beginning of the week, she portrayed someone thankful and grateful for the people in her life. But as the week progressed, something changed. She no longer seemed to be expressing her thoughts and feelings to them. This dance was becoming a love story. Neither one of them admitted it, but neither one of them denied it. 

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